Sunday, May 07, 2006

7th May Jam in AnPin

I've been trying to participate in the May Jam for a few years, this time is the first time I actually made it. I was told that the May Jam was held at Anpin last year(I forgot the date), but when I got there, it was empty, no stage or no studio set up, not even people doing BBQ there! This year, I got the information on the board at the Language center in NCKU and I think I am going to give it another try, so I went down the road and found the May Jam for the first time. It was fun! Lots of bands playing music, Tam Tam, fire spining etc. Here are some photos I took of the scence.

The last picture is a restaurant next to the scence called Wind and Moon(風月餐廳), beatiful decoration. Maybe Adelita can tell us more about this restaurant in her next entry.


Adelita said... looks like a nice restaurant, and I'd like to go there, take some pictures, and write something about it. But, I have no idea where it is in AnPing. Would you tell me where it is...thanks ^_^

Hanjie said...

Well, it's located in the back of an abandoned recreation park called Qiou Mao Yuan(秋茂園). You would have to go throught the woods where people have BBQ toward the ocean side. There is also a horseback riding training club next to it. Looking forward to reading your introduction.