Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hanjie's Footsteps

What an easy typhoon holiday it is! It's not even raining! Yesterday, we were watching big waves on Tainan coast line from NCKU hospital on 12 Floor. That's right, we were watching waves from 20KM away! It always amazes me how big a difference it makes to the visual range because of the weather. Before and after being hit by a typhoon, the air circulation clears up the dust in the air and makes it a perfect time for photo shooting but I was too tired to leave the house for that. I came across the website, Google maps API, and spent a night on adopting the code to my website which is designated as a website for travelogues and photos. I call it Hanjie's Footsteps.

Based on Google maps API structure, you can move the world map and change its zoom factor by sliding the map and the control pane and the left-top corner respectively. The zoom in scale in some areas can reach to 1 cm on the map equals to 14m in reality, with that scale you can see the pope having an audience with the followers. On the right-top corner are controls that you can interchange map types(map, satellite, and hybrid).

So far, I have been to 11 countries, they are Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Italy, and Austria. I have photos for 11 countries and 6 travelogues, in English: China, Vietnam, Macau and Italy; In Traditional Chinese: Malaysia and Italy, on line and keep updating.

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