Friday, September 08, 2006

Chinese Orchestra

Institut Pasteur France, NHRI and CDC Taiwan, held a symposium on re-emerging virus infections on Sept. 1. On that night, we had a welcome dinner held in the courtyard of the college of medicine at NCKU. The scene: floating candles on the grass, rose petals scattered, ambient lighting with a Chinese orchestra performing in the courtyard under the trees.

Here is one of the songs performed that night
The Beautiful Fernleaf Hedge Bamboo/ Yang Chun-lin
The Dai tribe, distributed over the Yunnan area, is one of the most sentimental tribes among the various minority groups in China, and its music is also the most gentle and moving one. The composer uses Yunnan's local color as a basis, describing how the fernleaf hedge bamboo sways like a dancing girl in the wind. The song begins with two instruments, Bawu and Yangqin, whose beautiful melody creates a profound atmosphere, full of imagination. As the song comes to its later part, like dancing and singing couples, the atmosphere becomes more and more passionate with its lively tune and rhythm. Finally, the song ends in a cheerful emotion.

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