Saturday, September 02, 2006

Responsibility V.S Dignity

Everybody likes to work with someone who has responsibility but what's the definition of responsibility? What kind of behavior should one possess in order to demonstrate his/her accountability? Let say one was assigned to a mission which takes a lot of manpower to get done. However, due to some technical problems one has to finish the job by oneself. So one worked over time trying to take care of the mission in all aspects but it just can't be done to perfection. Now, would you say this poor guy is incompetent and he/she deserves censure because of some flaw in this mission or it's understandable and one should be praised by accomplishing the mission short of resources? When one's responsibility compromises one's dignity what are the measures one should take to restore balance and vice versa?

Now, let's discuss the philosophy: achievement is everything. It makes sense the first time you hear that, after all a good result is the end point of a pursuing, without it, all efforts input in the process were totally wasted. However, without sufficient resource support, all the hard work is futile. You can't just milk cows without feeding them. Most people are not stupid; they know what their responsibility is and what kind of request is too much. The problem is nobody stands out to defend their rights so the vicious cycle starts and the situation deteriorates: bosses label employees who request more resources as incompetent whereas employees work over time trying to keep their job.

Diligence is the impression many westerners possess when speaking of Chinese's attitute at work. To me, it's not something I am proud of but is something I accepted silently. I wish to be busy at work without so-called responsibility infringing on my life but it seems like a fairytale only existing in western countries.

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