Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Birthday

This is my third birthday post on the blog. Happy birthday to me and to all Taurus.

Birthday Daily Taurus April 20 - May 20
Today is a fine day . . . your work benefits from your total concentration. This may be a good thing as you will be able to forget about personal plans for a while and relax your expectations of the day. Surprises happen all day long and, you are able to finish what you start in the work world. The noon break is fun with co-worker friends and somewhere in the visit there is talk of metaphysics, horoscopes and telling fortunes. You are also interested in the subject of writers and teachers that talk about self-help techniques. You might spend time in a bookstore after work for a short while. Young people want some of your time this afternoon and you enjoy their company. Laterthis evening you will want to have a camera handy--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Birthday Weekly Taurus April 20 - May 20
From Sunday, May 4 2008 - 12:00amTo Saturday, May 10 2008 - 11:59pm Everyday You should know there may be a few surprises this Sunday morning. The more you go with the flow, the more positive those surprises will become. You are inspired and amused and may be thinking about some travel money you could be earning. You will be very pleased at the response from your writing. This Monday is a fine day . . . your work benefits from your total concentration. You are patient and determined to finish what you start this Tuesday. Someone is happy to help and results become easier to find. On the way in to work this Wednesday morning the verdict may be with regard to your thoughts on the weather. Many times you feel that weather is manipulated and there are definite feelings that you are right. Advancement in the work place may be a bit slow but it is certainly well deserved. A massage during the noon break this Thursday would be nice. You are so busy most of the time that you often forget to stop and smell the roses. This Friday is a good day to stop and smell the roses, tell or listen to a joke, listen to the birds around your office and shop in a book store. Everyone has good wishes for you this Saturday evening--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Snowing in May--Tung Blossom

"Tung trees come in full blossom in areas where most Hakkas populate. This beautiful coincidence tells the wondrous connection between Hakka towns and Tung trees." I don't know how the Hakkas and Tung trees got connected in the first place. I mean the fact is Tung trees were densely planted in north Taiwan and Hakkas who inhabit the south of Taiwan in places such as Meinong township, have never stood out and claimed this wondrous connection. Nevertheless, I think the Tung trees are a gift that is given to people who live in northern Taiwan and most of the trails for Tung blossom are spots for firefly sighting too.

The 2008 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival website has all kinds of information regarding this 'snowy' May season. They even have a map that gives percentages of Tung blossoms all over Taiwan. The only thing missing in the map is that the trails for Tung blossom sightings are only in Chinese on their website. So I put these recommended trails into the google maps below. Enjoy your snowing season in May.

Quote from their website
"Every year in April and May, when driving from Free way No.2 or Tai # 3 Route, Aleurites Montana gradually budding, blossoming in the woods and under the Tung Tree. You can see purely white flowers swinging with the winds and when wind suddenly blows harder, the beautiful scenery before you is like having snow in the summer, just like snow of May.
As expected by the Hakka people in Taiwan, The Council for Hakka Affairs, Executive Yuan, earnestly cooperated with 8 counties: Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Zhanghua, Yulin and Nantou, and lead 25 townships and 44 communities, together they organize more than hundred of art activities. Additionally, in order to enhance the development of Hakka industries in Taiwan, the Council associated with 92 companies that sell Tung's merchandises and sell more than 400 Tung's merchandises. The Council also cooperated with 78 Hakka restaurants and present some delicious Hakka dishes. With a handbook in hand and you can enjoy discounts on all these activities.
Hakka Tung Blossom Festival is a high-quality trip for everyone which enables everyone enjoys Hakka mountain city, culture and beauty of Tung. Besides, the Council specially associated with local traditional industries this year, and let everyone receives information on Tung viewing via 3G mobile phone and TV Channel. We welcome everyone accesses our website and establish their own Tung viewing blog, where everyone can share information related to Tung.
This season “Joyful spring with Tung; creative spirit in Hakka”, we welcome you to spend time in Hakka village; enjoy Hakka music, dishes and creative merchandise under Tung tree. You especially need to come down here and experience the beautiful scenery of Mother Nature!

Chairman of the Council for Hakka Affairs, Executive Yuan
Lee Yung-te"

Tung Blossom Trails(info from the 2008 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival website)

View Tung Blossom in a larger map

WuGongShan: Tung blossom biking trail in Kaohsiung County(made by Talent)