Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday Mass

I participated in my first Sunday Mass in Notre Dame Cathedral Vietnam. To my surprise, English was mainly spoken during the whole mass. That’s good for me; at least I can understand what they are talking about. During the Mass, I noticed that the locals were devoted and seemed touched even though I don’t think they understood what the priest said in the sermon. On the other hand, some westerners didn’t seem to get into this Mass too much. It seemed like they were just doing something they were supposed to do. I even saw an old lady yawning. I know many people went to church when they were children because their parents made them go. By the time they reach their teens, they stop attending church as much as when they were children, unless they are experiencing some kind of emotional fluctuations and need to be uplifted. However when they get older, maybe 60 or 70, many of them start to go to church again. One of my friends said they are preparing themselves. It’s interesting to see the transition in one’s attitude to religion no matter what the cause.

I always wonder--what does the bread of communion taste like? I tasted my very first bread of communion in this Sunday Mass but I still can’t find a word to describe exactly what it does taste like.

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