Sunday, November 05, 2006


After a 14 year boy/girl friend relationship, Jonglin and Jalin are now husband and wife. The wedding was held on Nov. 4th in Jayi and was orgainzed by Jonglin 6 months ago. Lots of tranditional Chinese wedding customs are considered such as a bamboo sift with spells painted on it covering the bride's head when she is going out of the house as not to offend the gods; discarding a fan when the limousine is heading to the groom's house represents the bad habits of the bride been left behind; crossing over a charcoal fire to keep evils away; and stepping on a tile and breaking it means the past has ended and a new life with new family is starting also brings good luck for having a baby boy.

The wedding was a great success. Send them a congradulatory note here.

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