Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to me.


Robb said...

Congratulations on another birthday

you are a special and gifted person both in your remarkable photo abilities and personal observations from your travel logs.

I can tell by your blog entries that you are a caring and sensitive person with a good sense of humor and a warm heart, you posess the best of human qualities, that come through in your work, that I admire very much.

I wish you sucess in all your endeavors, and hope you continue to travel far and wide for many years to come.

blessing to you on this auspicious day.

Hanjie said...

WOW! This is definitely the best comment that I've ever got! Thank you very much, robb.

225712012 said...

I'm not going to be as effusive as 'Robb', all I am going to say is happy birthday mate (even though it's a bit late)

Anonymous said...

¡Feliz compleaños! (Happy birthday in Spanish. Hope it is not too late) ^_^