Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Guess your number--Brain Teaser

I got an email from Eric Patterson in Canada to a link that led to a website hosting a flash based game called Guess your number. No matter how many times I tried it, they always put my number behind the right door. How does this work? Well, here is the answer:

First, the program narrows the numbers to guess down to 5 by the infomation of the color you provided. Let's say you pick the number 7 and after you follow the instruction:" Say the number out loud two times" like a fool, you click on the black color which gives the program the inference that the numbers to guess are 7, 8, 11,19 and 24. The next step is to pick a color from a 3x3 square box which serves no purpose in the guessing process.

Step 3 is to choose the house that has your number in it and this is the step that gives away your answer. Pay attention to the numbers left to guess (number 7, 8, 11,19 and 24) are now separated into 5 houses respectively. By clicking on the house E, the answer is unveiled. The next crystal ball step, like the color picking in step two, serves nothing but increases the mysterious atmosphere. Finally, the basic flash programing echos the answer behind the first door you pick.


Anonymous said...

Yeah but how do they guess the door?

Hanjié said...

They don't guess, they simply put the correct number behind the first door you pick.

Anonymous said...

That is soooooo cool and tricky. At first I was like wow how did it do that but then I figured it out without even reading this artice.

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