Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Ten Drum Festival in Tainan

The 2009 Ten Drum festival will be held in Ten Drum Culture Village (the former Rende Sugar Refinery) during lunar new year, Jan. 24 to Feb 1st. Except for the Ten-Drum Art Percussion Groups, 2 Japanese groups, Maidaiko Aska Gumi and NOBUSHI, and a Korea group, Jin Cheon Ha Arts Company, are also invited to participate in this Chinese New Year celebration. Discount tickets (NT$250 per ticket; the original price is NT$300) can be purchased at any post offices in Tainan or via a phone call (06)266-2225/Fax (06)266-1413 before Jan. 20th. Seven performances will be given daily, except the Chinese new year eve, Jan. 25. The detail schedule and map can be found in the calendar below.
Introduction of the Ten Drum Culture Village
Ten Drum Culture Village is located at the border of Tainan city and county. It separates from the busy downtown by loneness forest. The location near Tainan city also provides citizens a new paradise to familiarize culture art. Ten Drum Culture Village has about 5 hectares. There are 16 old warehouses built in Japanese colonial rule. In 2005, Ten Drum takes over the place and re-plans it. They use the limited capital combining Mr. Shi Hsieh’s ideas with famous designer, Mr. Liu Guo Tsang’s choreographed plan to proceed. They have finished the second stage work. After lying idle many years, the past Rende Che Lu Cian sugar refineries of Taiwan Sugar Corporation reappear their graces of one hundred years. Combining the Taiwan drum music of Ten Drum, it becomes the first international art village for drum music of Asia. Since 2007, they choose to stay at the Rende sugar refinery of Tainan county Rende township. They build a Ten Drum Culture Village for about 5 hectares by themselves. It includes Introduction Hall, Drum Museum, Drum Beating Experience Classroom, Ten Drum Restaurant, Small Theater(for 250 people), Cistern Theater(outdoor theater for 1500 people), ChimneySquaree), Forest Breath Alameda, and Ten Drum Praying Hall. Since January 1st, 2007, it opens normally and connects with Chi Mei Museum, Pao An Railroad Station, and Hu Shan Farm to become Rende Culture Zone, and it also turns into the new art culture landmark of South Taiwan.


Fili said...

Very interesting, thanks for the info.

katty said...

I love the drum, i think this instrument is very notable, i usually feel too much energy when i listen or i touch a drum although be a short time. Is absolutely wonderful.

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