Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Angels and Demons

I've been listening to two voices whisper in my ears debating whether to buy a new camera for years.

The angel says: you have a great camera, sony F717, which has 5 mega pixels, 5x optical zoom with 2X digital zoom range, adjustable aperture/ shutter speed, and night vision, etc. You don't really need a new camera.

The demon objects: the noise level of sony F717 on ISO 100 is worse than any DSLR on ISO 400, the 5 mega pixels resolution doesn't even qualify for the basic photo competition which usually requires at least 6 mega pixels as minimum, the handy RAW date format for darkroom adjustments, not to mention the power of exchangeable lenses that gives you the power to manipulate angle distortions.

The angel says: DSLR is a money burning gadget, you have to purchase the camera body and lenses seperately and they aren't cheap! Also, the average weight of a DSLR is about 800g and a 18-200mm travel lens is 560g, together a DSLR weights over 1kg! You will wish that you didn't buy a DSLR when traveling around. Besides, is it nice and satisfying when you see the looks from people who realize all those beautiful picutes you took were coming from a small DC but not a DSLR? The bottom line is you don't want to spend NT$52,000 for a camera.

The demon says: OK, lets talk about the looks, didn't you have enough being treated as an amature when fighting for a good spot for photo shooting among those who equipped their DSLRs with tele-lenses? Didn't you dream about someday you too can change the toyish little DC to a big, firm, professional looking DSLR? Just listen to the clear and melodious sound of the reflector whenever you click on the shutter, that is the sound no DC can replicate.

The debate went on and on unitl I had a dream the other night. In the dream I was a well paid professional photographer taking pictures for Brad pitt (well, I watched too much TV, the Mr. and Mr.s Smith was on star movie that night). I woke up and gave in to the devil, I said to my little guardian: life is short and I'm gonna enjoy it and I purchased my first DSLR, Nikon D90 with 18-200mm VR lens, today.

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Todd said...

I bought a D90 a few months ago and love it, I'm sure you will too. I just haven't done much video with it.