Sunday, September 13, 2009

Heart of Love River

The Heart of Love River in Kaohsiung is located in Sanmin Parent/Child Park (intersection of Bo-Ai 1st rd and Tongmeng 1st rd; take the red line MRT to Hou-Yi (R12) or Ao-Zi-Di(R13) stations). Two artifical lakes were built at each side of Bo-Ai 1st Rd: the west lake was designed as a return point for love river cruise boats to maneuver which extended the voyage from 4.6km to 6km; the east lake was a bio-ecofriendly lake. The 3 section of bridges design that connects the two lakes including a skywalk that crosses the bustling Bo-Ai 1st rd makes the heart of love river a lovely place to take a break from a boat cruise and walk around. You can also rent a bicycle here with credit/membership card and ride along the love river and the Hanshin Department store and Kaohsiung Arena nearby.

Love river cruise sechedule on weekend: (boats depart every 30 mins)
True love pier to Hear of love river: 09:00-15:00
Heart of love river to True love pier: 10:00-16:00
Price:NT$50 for adults; NT$25 for elders over than 65
Love River penetrates the industrial city, Kaohsiung. In recent years, the revitalization of the Love River has turned the river banks and its adjacent land from urban run-down area to popular recreation and tourist attractions. The project “Heart of Love River” is the key element of this important environmental revolution. Its importance is three-fold: bringing the river cruise to the geometric center of the city and allow the cruises to make 360 degree turn; improving the flood detention capacity of the river; and marking the entering image of northern Kaohsiung.

By creating three bridges plus two lakes, this project defines cruise and pedestrian circulation, and various activities by multiple layers of sectional divisions. The boundaries of fields such as grass, water, and paving are implied by floating bridges and extending decks. The bridges form a fashionable urban catwalk, hovering the busy artery. Perforated metal cladding filters light from within, and renders the whole field a blurry and mysterious aura.
By Arch Daily

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