Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The accidental weekend

Like every other year, I reserve a vacation at this time for firefly and tung flower sighting. This year, the date was set for April 23-25. I booked a room in the Dongshi Forest Area and waited for the date to come anxiously. I kept on hoping for beautiful weather on my trip even though the Central Weather Bureau forecasted otherwise. It was raining on and off all the way from Tainan to Taichung, after checking in I went  for a walk hoping that I could still see some tung flowers on the trees. A few minutes later I found myself lying on the ground, in the mud with decaying tung flower to be exact, and one of my shoes was 2 meters away in a bush.  A couple went by and pointed out to me where my shoe had fallen, I picked it up and hid my face, quickly returning back to my room to hide my embarrassment and a possibly broken thumb.The rain kept coming so I didn't see any fireflies that night.

The next morning, I went to the bee farm, thankfully the rain had stopped, so the bees were all flying around. I stopped to take some pictures and got my lens very close up to the honeycomb to take a picture (should buy a macro lens) and then one bee flew into my hair; not knowing how to get it out I asked for help from one of my friends standing next to me, who started to gently blow at the bee, while at the same time the bee keeper screamed in Chinese "Don't blow!" then I felt the sting right at the top of my head. So I want you all to know if you hear " Bu Yao Chui" in Chinese it means "don't blow!"

I took this pic near the sun moon lake, check its EXIF for condition and GPS location if you are interested.


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