Saturday, January 20, 2007

Night at a police station

9:00PM, Jan. 19, I got a phone call from the security of my company telling me that a window on the right corner of the lobby was broken and the alarm system was triggered. I asked him how that happened? He told me the moment he heard the alarm he ran out of the buliding to the scene that our security system indicated and found no suspects but a broken window, he had no idea what caused this. I went back to the company and found a big rock on the stairs between 1F to B1.

The security told me around 8:10PM a woman, aged 30-40, came and filed a complaint about stray dogs around our building being captured and taken away. We asked the environmental protection bureau a few months ago to help with stray dog problem as we suffered from attacts of ticks, dog shit and the gardens being torn up. The woman argued that the construction of our building had deprived the stay dogs of their playground, not to mention that we called a team to wipe out the entire stay dog society that she and many staff of NCKUH have gathered years. She was a reasonable and the only suspect but we couldn't find any images from our serveillance tapes. We called police and the supervisor of the security company to file a sabotage record. The police came in 5 min and took some pictures of the broken window and asked me to go to the police station for a record.

It took about an hour to finish the record. First, I had to verify myself by showing the police my ID and he was not pleased to know my job title is a reasearch assistant in the company. After I told him that I'm also responsible for the security of the building then he carried on the testimony reluctently. After a photocopy of my ID was made, the police opened a similar case file in a computer and edited the testimony to mine. By following the format of the record, I told the police what had happened. The police printed out the testimony and had me sign and press my fingerprints on the paper. Instead of giving me a copy of the testimony, he wrote a receipt and had me sign and press fingerprints on it, one of three receipts was given to me to prove that this case had been filed. I went out of the police station and back to the company to clear up the mess. I couldn't help praying: let nothing bad happen ever again in the building, afterall, I have another identity as a fire prevention manager in the company.

I was awaken by the ring of my phone, half asleep while I was in the toilet this morning but I didn't have my phone with me! I ran out of the toilet but still couldn't manage to pick up the phone. I checked the number it was from my company, I was nervous to call back and expecting the security to tell me that the building had caught on fire or something. It was from a staff who was writing a report of the incident and she needed photos of the scene and my opinions. I haven't had such unsettling feeling for years, God knows when this madness ends.

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