Friday, August 10, 2007

The Coming-of-Age 16 Celebration

The Chishi Festival is coming soon! The Tainan City Government has harmonized with the 2007 Tainan traditional Chishi Arts rituals to host through a series of activities of the “Coming-of-Age 16 Celebration of the Chishi Arts Festival” from August 10th to August 19th at the Confucius Temple Cultural Zone.

The Coming-of-Age 16 Celebration is Tainan’s tradition ceremonial rituals and unique to Taiwan, which have approximate 200 to 300 historical backgrounds. When teenagers are turning to the age of 16, their families will host the traditional ritual for their children on the Chishi Festival to announce that they have crossed the threshold and walked into adults’ life in term of personal growth. It is also the main attraction for the Tainan International Chishi Arts Festival.

This year of the Chishi Festival is on August 19th (the lunar calendar 07/07). Regarding the traditional celebration, whoever turning 16-years-old between February 4th of 1992 and January 22nd of 1993 could come to various temples for the traditional ceremonial rituals to invoke Gods blessing.


Kai-Long Temple

8/18 and 8/19

Starts at 09:00Coming of age 16 ceremony and more
Anping Kai-Tai Queen of Heaven Temple8/1909:00-12:30Coming of age 16 ceremony and more
Madam Linshuei Temple8/1909:00-12:00

Coming of age 16 ceremony and more

Guandi Temple8/1909:00-17:00

Coming of age 16 ceremony and more

Old Five Channels Cultural Zone8/1913:30-19:00

Coming of age 16 ceremony and more

Anping Ling-Ji Temple8/19Starts at 11:00

Coming of age 16 ceremony and more


Kai-Long Temple, Anping Kai-Tai Queen of Heaven Temple, Madam Linshuei Temple, Guandi Temple, Old Five Channels Cultural Zone, Anping Ling-Ji Temple

Information adapted from:
Tainan international Chisi Arts festival

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