Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TV Travel host wanted

I got this email today from Singapore, if you want to try details below.

I am a researcher at a TV production company from Singapore. We are currently producing a travel program called 3 Degrees, its a travel show featuring 4 traveler-hosts, or 3 Degree Trekkers, exploring China, HK, Macau and Taiwan. As such, we are casting for suitable traveler-hosts from these country/cities and I hope that you can help me reach out to more people from these country/cities.

Here is the criteria for the host were looking for:

  1. Originally a resident of China/ Hong Kong/ Macau or Taiwan but currently working and residing in another one of the 4 places e.g. Taiwanese currently living in Hong Kong, Chinese living in Macau, etc(Preferable)OR a resident of China/ Hong Kong/ Macau or Taiwan, interested in traveling to another one of the regions to explore the place.

  2. Age: mid 20s to mid 40s

  3. MUST be fluent in English

  4. Has his/ her own opinions and is eloquent in voicing them

  5. Enjoys adventure and exploration

  6. Pleasant looking and is comfortable in front of the camera

This traveler-host can be a working professional, as long as he/ she is willing to commit to the shoot for a total of 2 weeks, over 2 separate periods, 7 days each time. Filming will take place during October, and during November.

Interested individuals can go to our website http://www.ochrepictures.com/ to register. He/she will have to provide a video clip with 1-2 min of self-introduction (including name, age, occupation, hobby etc and why he/she wants to join us as a host) and a 3-4 min ad-lib segment of himself/herself introducing any location and providing his/her own comments.

I would really appreciate it if you could help me forward this email to suitable people you know in these country/cities. As mentioned in the criteria, priority is given to people from any one those 4 countries already living in another one of the countries. Otherwise, any local whos interested in traveling to another place is good too.Pls feel free to email/ call me if you need any more clarifications, would be glad to answer any questions you have.Thank you for your time and kind attention. I look forward to hearing from you soon! =)

Best Regards
Ochre Pictures Pte Ltd
33B New Bridge Road
Singapore 059394
Tel: (65)6324-0859
Fax: (65)6324-0901
Email: mingyi@ochrepictures.com

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