Thursday, August 13, 2009

MORAKOT Damage report

This Morakot typhoon catastrophe map was created by BillyPan and many volunteers. The map collects damages, requests for helps and update information around the devastated sites in Taiwan as a reference for anyone who wants to help can locate the spot faster. If you are around please help by sending information to any of the volunteers by email or leave a comment here. Any help is appreciated.

Visit the link below for more info:

Updated Aug. 19
Volunteer wanted: date and contact info
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A great news from yesterday's Taiwan News (Aug. 18th):
A photo of central and southern Taiwan on the Google Map shows areas which require rescue activities. This map was marked and updated by blogger Billy Pan and 35 volunteer workers to assist rescue teams and have successfully help rescued more than 10 people.,981,1115,1177#slideshow_top

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